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I photograph time.

My photography is about Time.

About capturing time in several dimensions and letting time shape the finished expression. As time plays a role in our lives and leaves traces, time also leaves traces in the photographic work. We cannot delete our traces of life and therefore the traces of time are also included in my works.

The time traces are a part of us, our history and life just as they are part of the history and life of the photographic work.

I perceive time as a container for experiences and photography as a container for time. Thus, the photograph becomes a container for experiences. The photograph is a container for experiences in a compressed form.

A period of a defined start and a decided end is gathered in the photograph as an impression.

The process from here creates the finished expression - of time.

Ole Jauch

Visual Artis and Art Photographer

+45 53 54 16 50

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Upcomming exhibitions and activites.

Group exhibition "Loneliness of Man" Gallery Lorien - March / April 2021

Kunsthus 56 Hvide Sande - 23-04-21 to 07-05-21. Read more here about my upcoming stay in ART56

Solo exhibition Gallery Lorien - June 2021

Kunstrunden Nordsjælland Joint exhibition - 18-10-21 to 18-11-21

Group exhibition Portal Greve "Fotografiet i Billedkunsten" - February 2022

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