Exposed to Vulnerability

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Does exposure define vulnerability or does vulnerability defines exposure.

How is photography actually defined? Is it through the exhibited vulnerability that the photographer stands up and gives a clear signal that he wants to maintain the situation or is it the vulnerability in the situation that makes the photographer stop, adjust to the situation and take his picture. From both angles, vulnerability plays a role. Often the role of the photographer is double-edged, both as the vulnerable and as the one who perpetuates the vulnerable. I would argue that when this is the case, the one who assumes both roles are also the one who is best at retaining them.

By that, I mean at the same time, the photographer who is not afraid to show his vulnerability and put it into play can bring home the best images.

Vulnerability is the strength of the strongest and bravest

140 pages
ISBN: 978-87-92571-35-9

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