Graphic prints.

I work primarily with two different types of graphic prints. Photogravure and Monotype.

My photographic works include based on the Impetus series. On the basis of my analogue images, a printing plate is produced, through a very special process. This printing plate is used for the printing process itself, which is a graphic gravure printing technique on an equal footing with the common and known copper printing.

My monotypes are, as the name suggests, unique prints, where I work with different materials that give off ink on the printing paper when these are placed between two pieces of copper printing paper and run through the printing press. Monotype as I work with it is not a definite graphic process, but more an expression that only a unique print is produced. However, I use all remedies from known graphic processes (gravure, high pressure and surface printing).

Photogravure at Hahnemühle paper 70 x 54 cm (Impetus. Limited edition 6+1 A.P.)

Photogravure at Hahnemühle paper 70 x 54 cm (unique)

Photogravure at Hahnemühle paper 70 x 54 cm (Impetus, unique)

Photogravure at silkepapir 73 x 54 cm (Impetus, unique)

Monotype at Hahnemühle paper 54 x 78 cm (unique)

Monotype at Hahnemühle paper 37 x 54 cm (unique)

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