A sensuous interpretation of Rudolph Tegner's work.

In Rudolph Tegner's contemporaries, his expression was regarded as both violent, lofty, tending to unnatural, strange and certainly curious. Both in Tegner and in the circles around him, many dramas took place that in our time can be seen as melodramatic and therefore this also responds naturally with my dogma around the theme "Meetings". Tegner was a complex person, both as a person and as an artist and contained great contrasts and struggles, but still experienced many journeys throughout his life and not least through his wife Elna many diverse, exciting and evolving encounters.

In respect of Tegner's contemporaries, his work and art, I work with and take my art photographs with older analog photographic equipment. Likewise, I use an older technique as a starting point for the finished expression.

Click here to read the full text from the Drawing exhibition in 2019.


Past meet Present Part II

15.04. - 15.06.19

"Past meet Present - Part II" exhibited at Tegners Museum in the period 15 April to 15 June 2019.

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