Ole Jauch

My name is Ole Jauch, and I am a visual artist and art photographer. 

Born in 1964 in Odense, Denmark, I have spent much of my adult life translating the world, visual impressions and experiences into art. 

I express myself through various artistic techniques, including photography, graphics, painting, video, sound and the written word.


My Art

I capture time.

I’m fascinated by it. By the feel of it, the sense of it, the gravity of it. 

My art is about capturing time in several dimensions and allowing it to shape the finished expression. Time affects our lives and leaves small and large marks on us and our surroundings; similarly, it marks my photographic work. To me, time is not just something that idly happens to us; it is a part of us, a part of our narrative and history, and this is reflected in my photography and art. Time is ever-present in our lives; we can’t delete its traces on us. These intricacies and cracks are where beauty and life collide.

Time is a container for experiences, and photography is a container for time. A photograph is a container for experiences in a compressed form. A period of a defined beginning and a decided end is gathered in the photograph as an impression.

The indent of an impression

I’m motivated by our impressions and reactions to our world, to nature, to the cityscape and landscapes. How we react and interact with the small and big moments, near and far. Often, I find my concepts and motifs in the near, in the schism between where the world and I intersect, and where and how that intersection moves me. It is through this, that my creative process is created. Though my artistic process, I transform these everyday expressions and experiences into the extraordinary.

My art pieces are marked and shaped by their experiences. As such, I welcome the small touches and marks that my pieces meet underway as they become fully formed. These effects are nurtured and praised in my work, as they represent time and effect on both the product and the subject. 

I work with different medias; photography, painting, printing and the intersection of the four. I am constantly seeking out new and unknown forms of expression, and I often allow the process and the materials to guide me in my search. This is keenly expressed in my abstract paintings, which emerge through an intuitive and improvisational work process, nurtured by deep emotions, yearnings and hunger.

Photographically, I work primarily in series, allowing the theme to grow organically. As such, my pieces are often a long time in the making. Time plays an important role and is an essential element in all my finished pieces and series. My work process is long. I often work with long-term exposure of my photos. That means I capture a lot of time. The process in the darkroom is also a slow process and more time is added to the work. Therefore, my piece contain time on a multitude of levels. 

Vital to me is expressing the things that matter to me as a human being. It's about time and how we manage it. It's about being in time - in time. It's about creativity, curiosity and about trying as a human being in the world. It's about daring. About daring to live the life we ​​have been given and owning that. These things I express in my pieces, in my art. These motifs carry my thoughts and feelings; I seek out motifs that I can connect with so that, I can convey my messages to you, through them. 

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