Ole Jauch - CV

Censored exhibitions

2021: VK21 – participation in Æglagret, Holbæk Art Association's censored exhibition

2020: RÅ20 – participation in Roskilde Art Association censored exhibition 2020.

2020: KS20. Artist's Summer Exhibition. Debuted and accepted with two photographic works.

2019: RÅ19 – participation in Roskilde Art Association censored exhibition 2019.

2019: "Global X Art" at Gallerie Lorien. Censored group exhibition.

2015: Group exhibition censored at Sund & Bælt.


Solo exhibitions

2019: Red Cross "Past meet Present - Part I"

2019: Rudolph Tegner's Museum. "Past meets Present - Part II". Supported by the Statens Kunstfond with DKK 30,000.

2019: THE HOUSE IN Asnæs. “Past meets Present - Part I”

2018: SAP “Past meet Present - Part I”

2018: Tisvilde Inn. “Locals”

2018: Exhibition and decoration at the music festival Musik I Lejet 2018.

2018: The little yellow cafe and gallery. “Past meets Present - Part I”

2015: Helsinge library "Berliner Fragments".

1993-2012: Various solo exhibitions with painting, ceramics and photography.


Group exhibitions

2021: Nordsjælland's Kunstrunde member exhibition.

2021: BKF Nordsjælland member exhibition.

2021: Gallery Lorien "Loneliness of Man"

2020: Copenhagen Photo Festival "Tid til Tid" with Kunstnerfællesskabet 2249

2020: Gallerie Lorien (New Year and 5th birthday exhibitions)

2020: Opening exhibition Kunstnerfællesskabet 2249

2019: "Nordic Light" at Gallerie Lorien.

2019: Art tour Bornholm with Gallerie Lorien (Bornholm)

2018: Group exhibition at Thy Photo Festival "Past meet Present - Part I"


Projects / events

2020 Video/music work with The Pagsberg Bigband. Performed in Kulturhuset Galaksen and Islands Brygge.



2021- Diary / Blog at blog.jauch.dk

2022: "MANDØ" Photographic art book. Launch 11/22

2022: ”Loneliness of Being Among Others”. Photographic art book. Launch 04/22

2021: "Exposed to Vulnerability". Photographic art book. Launch 09/21

2019-2020: Column (4 times a year) for SDF magazine "Danish Photography"

2017: 10 analog photographs adopted for USA online magazine “Darkroom underground”



2023: Member of The Artis Group KIT

2020: Member of Danske Grafikere

2020: Member of BKF

Represented at

Gallerie Lorien, Frederiksberg.

Banja Rathnov Galleri & Clausens Kunsthandel, København K.