Impetus embraces expressions from my heart, my art, and the inner force I feel when I am in flow and creating.

Impetus is about where we come from, from where we evolved as human beings and how we continue to evolve as individuals in the world. How time affects us, how we control and how we handle it - that's how we continue to be human, and how we interact with nature and time. Impetus is about time… Time by time

Impetus also marks a starting point. Expressions grew to a new level, where expressions gained history and time. Impetus came alive.

Impetus is a series of expressions created under harsh conditions both mentally and physically.

The series contains ancient history and ancient times rooted in massive concrete structures. These massive mastodons were made with a purpose in time - ahead of time. A time when people and people fought for the earth. At a time when people were defending land. In time, they become timeless.

Long exposures on a large format, analog camera that allows you to capture from time to time. The series was made from the end of 2017, reworked in 2020 and continues to evolve in different expression tracks.

Current expression tracks are analogue prints, inkjet prints and Photogravure.



10.06. - 09.08.20

Two works from the series "Impetus" have been accepted at the censored exhibition KS20 and will be shown in the period 10.6. - 09.08.2020 at the West Jutland Art Museum (Janus Bygningen) and is part of the Artist's Summer Exhibition KS20.


13.03. - 09.05.21

Two works from the series "Impetus" have been accepted at the censored exhibition VK21 at Æglagret, Holbæk Art Association and will be shown in the period 13.3. - 09.05.2021.


Impetus gets new expression track

I have been working with the gravure process Photogravure for a long time. It is a graphic process that is often based on a photograph and through a technical processing a printing plate is created, as is known from the copper printing technique.

This printing plate is smeared with ordinary printing ink and printed on a piece of copper printing paper in a printing press.

The expression is very tactile and material. It contains the details of the photograph and the delicacy of the printing process.

Through the graphic techniques I have found a method to merge my painting with my photography. It has been a journey of almost 15 years where I have several failed attempts behind me until I have found my way home in the graphic processes.

I show the Impetus series that I have worked with in Photogravure on this page, as I get it documented. The series is made in limited edition of 6 + 1 A.P.

See more of my graphic works on this page.

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