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Throughout my time at Mandø I found Time, and in my meeting with Mandø I found a frequency to reproduce Time as motif and expression.

The book is therefore far more about time than a specific place, despite the fact that the place is the motivator of the expression. It has become clear to me through my stay on the island that Time is the focal point.

Thus Mandø became the frequency of Time.

I often think about my motifs and find that over time the motif itself becomes less significant, while making it more important. As a frequency of disseminating states, emotions and thoughts. The subject remains important and essential. The subject lifts and carries the state I want to convey. This duality is pervasive.

I have chosen to view Mandø through my cameras and express my Mandø through pictures. This is where this book came out of.

Mandø was the place where I found Time and the quiet life. What most of us have the most of in life.

Mandø found me and I found the time.

160 pages
ISBN: 978-87-974150-0-9

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